If you’re a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, you rely heavily on your garage door to open smoothly and close securely every time you use it. These heavy doors, however, are known to break down and need repair from time to time. In this blog, we’ll take a look at five common garage door problems to keep an eye out for.

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The Garage Door Sticks Open or Closed

Does your garage door stick open or closed? Do you find yourself having to click your garage door opener multiple times before the door actually starts working? Sticking garage doors can be caused be a few different things, including the batteries in your remote. If your batteries are new, check the sensors and switches of the garage door next. Many homeowners experience this issue when their garage doors have been hung unevenly or there is something obstructing the wheel track.

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The Garage Door Moves Unevenly or Shimmies From Side to Side

If your garage door moves unevenly along its tracks or it shimmies from side to side when operating, there could be something very wrong with your system. Make sure you check the tracks for any debris or obstruction, and clean those before you try opening your garage door again. If the issues still persists, try checking the quality of the springs. There may be a chance that your springs have deteriorated or rusted over time, and a certified garage door professional will be able to help you replace them with new, working springs.

There Are Loud Noises Coming From Your Garage Door

When a garage door starts making a loud screeching, grinding or squealing noise, there could be something wrong with the track. Whether it’s a lack of lubrication or there is dirt blocking the track, make sure to observe your system for anything that may be obstructing the wheels. Make sure the track is smooth and lubricated as well. Many people will pick up oil specifically designed for garage doors or even WD-40 for this purpose.

The Garage Door Falls Very Quickly When Lowering It

If your garage door falls too quickly when you close it, it could pose a huge safety risk to both you and your family. This issue may be caused by broken cables or overly loose springs. To check this problem, make sure your garage door is closed before you start inspecting the rest of the system. Rather than trying to replace broken springs or cables on your own, contact a certified roofing contractor to help with the repair. Without the proper knowledge, it’s very easy to hurt yourself, so always consult an expert.

The Garage Door Remote Fails To Work

One of the most common repairs we’ve seen at Coast 2 Coast Garage Door is when the garage door opener fails to work. If you’ve already checked the remote batteries to make sure they have juice, take a closer look at the garage door sensors. Is there anything blocking them like boxes or bicycles? If your sensors are free and clear of obstruction, check the garage door track and the garage opener motor.

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