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Most people think of garages and think of a place to store cars, however there’s really a storied history of garages that goes back even further. Not just a humble abode for that old sports car or the one you take on long trips, the garage has been a part of more historic contributions than one person could ever dream to be.

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Great Garage Innovations

Without the garage, we might still be riding around in a horse and buggy. Ok, some of these inventions may have come out eventually anyways, but there’s no way of knowing how much the presence of the garage has altered the course of human history. Here are just a few examples where garages provided the thinking and work space for innovations that majorly impacted our culture, if not all of mankind.

Ford’s First “Car” — Ford’s first great success with automobiles wasn’t the model T, but rather, the “Quadricycle.” This gas powered, topless carriage seated two people and was operated with levers rather than a steering wheel and was built in his childhood home’s garage.

The Dyson Vacuum — Nearly synonymous with the Vacuum at this point in certain areas of the country, James Dyson deserves it with all the hard hours working in his garage. According to some accounts, Dyson created more than 5,127 versions of Dyson before going to market. Without a garage, Dyson may never have been able to make the rise it has. Imagine your reaction if your roommate or partner wanted to test 5000 vacuums.

The Telephone — While who actually invented the telephone is still highly debated, the models that rose in the U.S. were of course based off the patented designs of Alexander Graham Bell. Bell developed his version of the telephone in his parents carriage garage, where they likely kept their horse and buggy.

The Radio — As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, about the garage’s contribution to music history, the first radio station to do regular broadcasts started out of a garage. The man who built that radio station, Frank Conrad, started it as a way to play music for friends, but was then approached about the possibility of using his broadcast for the news and other purposes. Using the 1920 election as a proving ground for the usefulness of radio, Conrad and his backers started a revolution in communication and entertainment from the comfort of a presumably well-maintained garage.

The Next Step in Driving Tech — The garage is always going to have a leg up in auto technology, but soon it might have a leg up in the air as well, as people start to work on their own flying cars. Relatively soon, according to hopeful startups, land to air travel should start being accessible, possibly even to the average American as things get more commercialized. From the first attempt in 1917 to now, the short history of flying cars is wrapped around garages. The Glenn Curtiss “AutoPlane” is one of the most noteworthy historical attempts at flying cars and looked like a car with the nose and wings of a plane, while only achieving, by some accounts “short hops off the ground.” However, projected to be out later this year is the AeroMobil, the first functionally operational option for a vehicle that can go from road to air. Both the “AutoPlane” and the AeroMobil’s first concepts were developed in garages.

Get in on the Innovation

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