Garage doors are an invaluable component of every home. They provide shelter for your vehicles and storage space for many of your belongings. It’s easy to put off regular garage door maintenance when your garage door is working well, but a broken or damaged garage door can be both inconvenient and dangerous. In our previous blog, we explained two common garage door problems that you should never ignore. In this post, we’ll continue to explain some signs of garage door trouble that you should never ignore.

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Opening and Closing Quickly

You should contact a garage door technician as soon as possible if you discover that your garage door is opening and closing much more quickly than it used to. If you find that your garage door is closing, often with a loud banging noise, the problem could be due to broken or damaged springs. Most Americans use their garage doors at least twice each day, and the normal wear and tear of daily use can degrade the springs in your garage door to the point of breaking. If you suspect that the springs in your garage door are causing problems, contact a garage door technician for the safety of you and your garage door.

Partial Closing

Most of us have experienced the frustration that comes from a garage door seeming as if it’s going to close, only to have it reverse itself just before getting to the bottom of the garage. This problem is often caused by dead batteries in your garage door sensor, but it can also be caused by something blocking the sensor. You should always be concerned when you garage door reverses itself because a child or small animal could be blocking the sensor. If you find that nothing is blocking the sensors, the problem might be that the sensors have accumulated dirt and debris on their lenses. If you clean the lenses and the garage door still won’t close properly, it’s a good idea to call a professional to diagnose the problem.

The Door Won’t Open

Just as it can be frustrating when a garage door fails to close completely, it can be even more frustrating when it fails to do anything at all! Many homeowners experience this frustration after a long day at the office as they pull into the driveway, and this problem can have several different causes. It’s important to note that you should always be extremely careful when dealing with a garage door that won’t open; the safest option is to call a professional th

e moment you discover that your garage door won’t open.

The most benign cause of a garage door failing to open is that the unit is not receiving the signal from your remote. If you think that this might be the problem, simply change your remote’s batteries and resync your remote to the unit.

If you’re sure that the remote isn’t the problem, the issue might be with your unit’s motor or power supply. Check to make sure that your unit is connected to a reliable power supply and that the power cables are undamaged. Power cables can easily become disconnected and damaged, causing problems for your garage door. If you suspect that the issue is with the wiring in your garage, contact a professional to ensure that you stay safe. If you’ve checked both the remote and the power supply, the issue might be with your unit itself. Old garage door units can suddenly stop working, and it’s often cheaper in the long run to replace old units than it is to continue fixing them. The choice to repair or to replace your garage door is ultimately up to you, but the decision is much easier to make after you’ve consulted with a garage door expert.

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