Four-fold doors can be used in a variety of settings, including fire stations, manufacturing centers, and even some residential locations. As your overhead door company in Florida, Coast 2 Coast normally handles garage doors that move vertically, but we can also repair and maintain those doors that open horizontally. If there’s an issue with your four-fold door, we can effectively diagnose the problem and provide the necessary replacement parts to get your door working properly once more.

There are several advantages that four-fold doors have over traditional overhead garage doors. They often open much faster than vertical doors, with certain models clearing the door opening at 24 inches per second. They also allow the driver of the car or the fire engine to see exactly when the door is completely open and it’s safe to drive through the opening. There’s no risk of the door suddenly coming down on top of an automobile or a person, and when the power is out, four-fold doors still offer manual operation. There are no springs or cables to contend with, and a simple pull cord will open your door.

If your business or fire station in Fort Lauderdale has four-fold doors, call Coast 2 Coast for any maintenance or repairs. With the proper upkeep, your doors should work through countless cycles, providing you with clear access into and out of your parking or loading areas. We can service all types of commercial and residential garage doors, and will do so in a timely and professional manner. Call us today!