Your garage door can be easy to forget; like so many of us, it quietly does its job and moves along. However, like all of us, your garage door needs a little love every once in a while. From Palm Beach to Broward, Coast to Coast Garage Door can provide the best in garage door installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Your garage enables you to do a ton of things, it gets used for so much more than storage, but if your overhead door gets stuck, then how can you found the next Microsoft? Without being able to open the door properly, we might be missing out on some pretty great things. Whether you’re building a tech company that will change the world or just trying to make a little extra money in a garage sale, so many things would be more difficult without a well-functioning garage door.

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Tech History Rooted in Garages

Many of the world’s greatest tech companies started out in a garage, including Google, HP, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. How crazy is that? Without garage doors that had been well taken care of, how would these companies have gotten anything done? In the summer, it would be much too hot for Microsoft to get started in New Mexico without garage door controls, tracks, and wheels functioning properly. A little maintenance here and there is usually all that’s required. What if Jeff Bezos’ software or books had been destroyed by rain in Washington when a wheel malfunctioned or a track had built up with rust?

Without well-functioning garage doors, we might be missing out on things like next-day delivery of almost any product, computers as we know it — this includes cell phones, laptops, and tablets — and applications to a large variety of industries. Some of the earliest tech innovations to come from a garage-based company were used for radio and TV applications. Hewlett Packard started out of a garage back in 1939. These engineers probably had to handle their own garage door maintenance and repair at the time, but still, the benefits of what came out of that garage live on in entertainment and tech history. With the HP200A, HP designed some of the best audio equipment yet seen, and it was implemented on the big screen with the classic children’s film, Fantasia.

One thing to keep in mind is how much easier some of these innovations would have been with some of the modern garage applications we’ve come to know and love. What could an innovator like Bill Gates decipher from a wireless keyless entry system if he had somehow gained access to one in 1975? How much faster would our technology have excelled? Would it have a different focus? How much more streamlined could Bezos’ initial shipping have been with a smartphone-enabled control panel? What if HP didn’t have to take the time to repair its own garage door?

There’s only the minor detail that garage door technology such as internet gateway systems, smartphone-enabled control panels, and more wouldn’t be possible without the tech giants that were able to start their business with a well-functioning garage door that had the maintenance and repairs it needed over the years.

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Whether you’re running a business from home or you just need to be able to go about your business easily from day-to-day, a well-functioning garage door could always help improve your day with less work and quicker access to get things in and out of your home. Contact Coast to Coast Garage today for all your garage repair, maintenance, and installation needs from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach and Breward. Whether it’s just a busted wheel, broken remote control, a disconnected WiFi-enabled garage door opener, a door section that needs to be replaced, or the entire overhead door and its tracks that need to be reinstalled, we can handle all of your garage door and opener needs! Call today!