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COMMERCIAL GARAGE DOOR OPERATORSMaximize Efficiency At Your Business

When it comes to optimizing a commercial entrance, adding an automatic sliding door can significantly increase the functionality, desirability, and overall style of your business. Whether you need automatic sliding door maintenance, installation, or another one of our commercial services, our professional contractors here at Coast 2 Coast Garage Door can help. We’ve successfully installed high-quality sliding doors for hundreds of commercial businesses and storefronts across the greater North Lauderdale area. Like our garage door installers, our sliding door installation experts are passionate about providing dependable and efficient service when you need it most. Contact our certified specialists today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment!

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Automatic Door Maintenance - Basic & Full-Service Programs

Did you know that an improperly installed sliding door system can significantly raise your heating and cooling expenses? If the doors to the entrance of your business haven't been sealed correctly, loss of both conditioned air and heated air will likely occur, causing unwanted fluctuations in interior temperatures year-round — as well as unwanted spikes in utility costs.

If your business is in need of assistance with maintaining the health of its automatic door system, you'll need a reliable and experienced commercial door service company to get the job done right. Contact Coast 2 Coast Garage Door in North Lauderdale today to find the right solution for your sliding door system. With flexible budget and financing options for all types of commercial properties and business owners, we make your door maintenance easier than ever to manage.

We’ve helped hundreds of Florida businesses properly maintain a variety of automatic door systems on their commercial sites. Some of the service programs and solutions we offer for automatic door maintenance include:

Comprehensive Checks On Accordance With Manufacturer Standards

Opening/Closing Speeds, Motion Sensors And Door Sensors, Glass - To Identify Cracks, Chips, Or Issues With Structural Integrity, ADA Compliance & Handicap Accessible Design

Including Door Belts, Pivots, Gears, Hinges, And Other Components

Automatic Sliding Door Installation

Whether you’re planning to install a new automatic sliding door system for your business, or need to retrofit an existing door space in your commercial business, our certified installation experts can help. At Coast 2 Coast Garage Door, we pride ourselves on providing customers with complete garage and sliding door installation services.

We’ve helped countless clients with our professional services for automatic door installation throughout North Lauderdale and surrounding cities. Just a few of the sliding and automatic door products we offer for commercial buildings include:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Swing Doors
  • Drive-Thru Windows
  • Manual Storefront Doors
  • ADA Accessible Doors
  • Metal Doors
  • And more!
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    At Coast 2 Coast Garage Door, we do more than any other local contractor — including affordable options for automatic door service near you! Whether you’re unhappy with the look of your current sliding door systems, you'd like to upgrade to a newer model series, or you're experiencing insulation issues and performance problems, contact our professional team in North Lauderdale today, or explore our surrounding service areas in South Florida.

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