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Don’t get us wrong, at Coast 2 Coast Garage Door, we want all of the Broward and Palm Beach business we can handle, but there are some things that you simply don’t need us for. We see it all the time, and it’s easy to do, someone calls about their garage door not working and it’s just a matter of flicking the right switch or moving the right item in order to get it going again.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common garage door problems that are easy to troubleshoot. If you have something more serious going on, then don’t hesitate to call Coast 2 Coast Garage Door for all your garage door repair and maintenance needs.

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Common Garage Door Issues

Your Garage Door Makes a Grinding Noise When You Use It

If you’ve been using your garage door and it is grinding, then you may have a range of problems, but the most common ones are also the easiest to fix.

One thing that might be causing a grinding noise is debris in the garage door track. This is often caused by a piece of wood, metal, or a rock, but it could also be an accumulation issue. This is most common for people who do a lot of work in their garage or have utility vehicles that bring in a lot of debris, but it’s not nearly as common as rust accumulation. All you need to do in this case is clean out the track, taking extra care around the wheels of your garage door.Rust accumulation on your garage door is a common problem in most places, but especially in the humidity and salty sea air of Palm Beach and Broward. Fixing this is an easy repair if the damage hasn’t gone too far. Simply scrub the affected areas with hot water and soap, followed by a rub down with a vinegar-soaked cloth. From there, you should be able to easily sand down the rust. Additional applications, such as primer, can be made to make the track even smoother, but you should check any warranties you might hold beforehand. If there are no visible signs of rust or debris, but you still hear a grinding noise, try to listen for the area it’s coming from and apply WD-40.

If one of these solutions doesn’t work, then you may need your garage door track or wheels repaired or replaced.

Your Door Won’t Open and Doesn’t Make Any Noise

There are a few problems that might cause this as well, but most of them aren’t a big deal and can be just a little embarrassing when you bring out a repairman.

These are typically power-related issues, which are as easy to solve as flicking a switch or plugging something in. Be sure to check your garage door breaker or any other switches that turn on the power to your garage, check that the garage door motor is plugged into its power source and that the opener you’re using isn’t out of batteries. If it’s not one of these issues, then there could be a wiring problem, which should only be handled by a professional.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close With the Opener

This is a common problem that you’d probably be oblivious to if you haven’t dealt with it before and weren’t the one to cause it. You’ve checked the power and nothing is in locked position, but your garage door opener still doesn’t work. Doesn’t make sense, right? Before you go hammering at anything or using all your might and breaking the locking mechanism, check to see if your emergency release cord was accidentally pulled at some point. If it was, then you need to reset it before your garage opener will work again. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. First, find out if this is the case by checking that the spring lever on the door is compressed. If it’s extended, then you’re on the right track, someone pulled your emergency release cord.
  2. Your next step is pulling the cord towards the door and away from the motor.
  3. From here you can either pull the door up along the track or use your garage door opener — step two will have engaged the power — until you hit the attachment point of the carriage and track. You’ll hear it click in most cases. This step ensures that your emergency release is back in position.

If it’s not the emergency release causing the problem, and you’ve checked any power sources, then it could be the wiring to your opener or the motor itself. In both instances, you should call a professional to avoid any further damage to the unit or injury to yourself.

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Your Garage Door Comes Down a Bit and Then Opens Again

This is by far the most common problem homeowners have with their garage door opener and the answer is usually that there is something blocking the safety sensor. These are put on garages to prevent anyone or anything from being crushed by the door. Simply move whatever’s blocking the door. If it’s anything else, that’s peculiar, and you should call a professional.

There’s a Draft Coming From Your Garage Door

This is most often just a symptom of having an older garage door that’s in decay. It’s usually that your door isn’t sealing all the way or the sections of your garage door have open spaces — especially with wooden doors. To address the sealing issue — most often at the very bottom of your door — you can replace the weather sealant strip completely or fill in the spaces that aren’t sealing with pipe insulation. If you’re having an issue with cracks in your garage door, simply seal it with waterproof caulking, or if the damage is extensive, consider having that section or your entire garage door replaced.

In Florida weather especially, wooden doors can warp quickly, and having a misshapen door could eventually bend the opener’s tracks, cause wheels to break down faster, and cause the door to jam repeatedly. If you want to avoid an entire system replacement, then the installation of a metal garage door could go a long way to solving your problems.

Garage Door Still Not Working?

If you’ve taken the time and done the simple troubleshooting for these problems, then it might be time to call in a professional. Whole garage door replacements can be very expensive, so if you can get out in front of the problem early, then you may just need a garage door spring repaired, wheels replaced, or a section of your track or door replaced. If you feel you need some extra help addressing the problem, never hesitate to call Coast 2 Coast Garage Door for all your garage door repair, maintenance, and installation needs!