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  1. We Can Properly Repair Your Grocery Store Loading Dock

    As a shipping and receiving manager for a local grocery store, it's your job to oversee the truck arrivals each week. You may only get one shipment per week, but the truck is full of goods and produce that need to be circulated onto the floor as soon as possible. They may be standard trailers, or they may be refrigerated models, but regardless of which kind they are, your loading dock needs to be …Read More

  2. Make Enough Room for Cars This Holiday Season

    The one constant of the holiday season - besides presents, decorations, and delicious meals - is that company is going to come to visit. You look forward to seeing family and friends every December, and look forward to sharing stories and meals with them throughout the month. However, it's important to keep in mind, if you live in a populated area, that your neighbors will most likely have company…Read More

  3. Stay Safe and Let the Professionals Handle Garage Door Repair in Ft. Lauderdale

    Many homeowners pride themselves on being "handy" and like to take on the challenge of completing many of their home maintenance chores themselves. But where someone may be skilled at small plumbing fixes, or repairing damage to flooring or walls, they may want to think twice when it comes to attempting garage door repair. Considering your garage door is most likely the largest moving mechanism on…Read More

  4. Need Garage Door Repairs In Ft. Lauderdale? Call Us!

    There's nothing like coming home from a long trip or pulling into the driveway after a long day at work. You're finally home. Who do you call if your garage door won't open, though? You need someone who you can trust and someone that's reliable. Coast 2 Coast Garage Door is who all your neighbors are calling for garage door repairs in Ft. Lauderdale! Coast 2 Coast Garage Door is one of Ft. Lauder…Read More